Fully Online Hackathon, Judged by Community.

Getting bored and have nothing to do because of COVID 19? Join Skillsme Hackathon and keep coding! Skillsme Online Hackathon is the only online coding competition for everyone regardless of your coding language skillsm. Your overall goal is to create a winning project to solve our topic and compete with others.

Skillsme Online Hackathon is a good platform to test, improve and validate your own capability. The winner is not decided by us or judges, but by all the developers within our community. The portfolio with the highest rating will be the winner.

What is on offer?

Skillsme Online Hackathon will release information and materials one week before opening portfolio submission. And there will be two further weeks for all developers to form a team, make plans, work on the portfolios before the submission is due. NZ$500 cash and Skillsme #1 Hackathon Badge will be up for graps. Skillsme #1 Hackathon participation badge will also be given to all that has participated in the Hackathon.

Team Up And Deal With Real-Life Cases

You don't have to fight the Hackathon alone. If you are not confident enough or want to improve your teamwork skills, you are welcome to form a team to tackle the topic! But if you are feeling confidence, you can choose to challenge the topic alone and win the prize for yourself.

Online Mentorship To Help Improve Your Skills

Everybody can face some issues during the development process. Skillsme encourage you to improve your skill by challenging yourself before finding a mentor. However, if you have exhausted all other avenues, feel free to contact our online mentors and seek for help!

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