Join our hackathon to win $500 prize!

Skillsme know these are uncertain and challenging times so we want to let you know what we are doing in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and explain some of the activities we are taking to keep New Zealand safe.

Skillsme in collaboration with Mutual Aid New Zealand (MANZ) will hold an online Hackathon from March 30th to April 20th with the intention to help New Zealand overcome the Coronavirus. The Website/App will cover three main aspect being
“The Corona Virus”, “Essential Products” and “Community”.

Each participants or team would have to complete the website or build their own portfolios based on the three above ideas.

Currently, over 100 participants have signed up to complete with the winner being judged by the Skillsme community. The winning person or team will receive NZ$500 cash and a winner’s badge to show on their Skillsme profile. All participants will also receive a Hackathon #1 badge.