Endorse other coders' claims on Skillsme.

Give your judgements based on other coders portfolio to support the skills they claimed.

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Endorse coders' capability based on skills they claimed to be good at on Skillsme.

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Use your expertise to endorse coders' skills.

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Each view of your opinion can bring you US$2.99.

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Gain reputation with upvotes on your opinion.

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Tell people how accurate their skill claims are.


Only the top 5% coders can be a Skillsme Judge.

Skillsme believes the most valuable opinions must be given by the most skillful coders. Only the top will have the chance to leave their opinions as a Judge on Skillsme.


Registered Judges


Opinions given to Claims

It's easy to share your opinions on Skillsme.

Validate Claims with Portfolio

View the code in their portfolios and tell the community whether their claims are true or not.

Share opinion on their code

Leave your thoughts about their coding style, skills used, or any other aspect.


Be a hero in the coder community.

Your opinion could mean a lot in another coder's career. Leave your opinions to help others improve or get a job with your endorsement.

Gain reputation

As a Judge, your name and title can be seen under each portfolio you have given your opinion to. With more exposure, you can build your reputation with the Skillsme coder community.

Get paid with your opinion

Your opinion can generate income for you. Each person who views your opinion would bring you US$2.99 for your contribution.


Who can be a Skillsme Judge?

While only the top 5% coders can become a Skillsme Judge, you can learn if you might be one of them here.

You must have over 7 years' experience in a senior IT role (Senior Software Engineer or equivalent).

You must have at least a large and popular project on GitHub or GitLab (i.e. 100+ stars) that majorly built or contributed by you.

You must have over 20,000 reputation on Stack Overflow in this year.

You must have a tech personal blog website or an account on a blog platform with more than 1,000 subscribers or at least 3 articles with at least 1,000 views.

Looking for a job on Skillsme?

Skillsme is the most effective and fair way for skillful coders to find a job to suit their skillset. There is no need for CV or experience, just prove yourself with your code.

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