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Pre-validated coders with industry validations, make your next hire with Skillsme.

Pre-validated talents with skill indicators
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Post jobs for free to attract pre-validated talents.

Find and attract more talents by posting your job vacancy on Skillsme. Rest assured that all our talents are pre-validated with ratings.

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Write anything you wish to display with any image or video in your job post.

Pre-Validated Talents

Skillsme pre-validate all candidate claims with easy to understand ratings.

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Skillsme open talent pool, find the skills you need.

Not every person perfect for your job will find your job post. So, sometimes, you just have to find them using Skillsme talent pool.


Skillsme open talent pool is a searchable database with thousands of candidate profiles and ratings. you can filter by skill, location, previous employment, experience and more to uncover qualified candidates.

View candidate portfolios and see the type of codes they are writing. Your HR manager can also view what other top coders think about the portfolio.

With enough data, we can help match you with suitable talents in the fastest way possible using the most accurate way with the help of Skillsme AI.

Integrate with Popular Technology

Choose the plan type that works best for you.

Feel free to use any function on Skillsme for your business' needs. You will only be charged for viewing the opinions from the top coders.

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“Skillsme is an excellent platform to hire talent. You can be sure that the people you hire from Skillsme are perfect match for the required skills. As it doesn’t just rely on the candidates CV. I highly recommend Skillsme platform to all startups and tech focused companies.”

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“Skillsme is an exciting new platform that has great potential to change the recruitment of coders. Especially coders who are technically capable.”

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Most asked questions.

We have the most answers you're looking for. Let us know if you find anything unclear, or submit your feature requests.

Skillsme for business is a platform that allows companies to search for on-demand talents that has been verified by the industry. The platform also allows you to manage potential candidates and make contact with them.

Any company or organization that is looking for developers/ coders can register for a free account. Further functions will be added in the future!

Yes and No, most functions are currently free to use except for viewing ratings that has been verified by the industry (Skillsme Judges). All other functions on the platform is free to use for a limited time.

Skillsme Judges are the top 5% of coders working in the industry. They must meet strict criteria’s and undertake an interview process before becoming a Skillsme Judge. Most of our judges have at least 5 years working experience for well known tech firms including Tesla, Facebook, Google and many more.

Potential candidates will complete a portfolio / project on our platform with an open question and case studies given by Skillsme. Case studies and question is unique to the coding languages and what the coders is claimed to be good at. For example, if a coder claim to be a Senior Full Stack developer in ReactJS, with C# backend knowledge, our judges would view the portfolios/ project and provide a rating base on the candidates claim.

Skillsme on-boarding process will gather information and data about your business and once you are ready to hire, Skillsme will provide you with a few candidates using information you provided in the on-boarding process and based on your specific requirement (Intermediate developer, Full Stack). The candidates Skillsme will provide will be validated coders/ developers that has made the claim similar to your requirements. You can benchmark those coders/ Developers with other candidates that has made similar claims.

Yes we do, Skillsme is an international platform with coders/ Developers from around the world. Skillsme specialize in giving you peace of mind to know that the person you are hiring remotely has the technical background that suit your requirements.

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Skillsme is the most effective and fair way for skillful coders to find a job to suit their skillset. There is no need for CV or experience, just prove yourself with your code.

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