Reimagining tech hiring.

Remote working and on demand talent is becoming the norm. Skillsme Talent will help you hire developers with the right experience level for the job.

We use a recruitment approach that goes beyond just skills and knowledge.


We understand the importance of hiring the right developer for the job.

Remote is the Future

The gig economy is here and we're riding the wave of virtual, on demand talent sourcing.

Skills First Hiring

Our customers want quality candidates who can jump straight into a job. Screen your candidates using our customized online code assessments.

Simplicity is Key

Sign up and get your very own Skillsme Success Manager. Kick off your recruitment process within 1 business day.

Time is Precious

Remote teams don't have time to sort through stacks of CVs. Save time by letting us match you with our community of pre-validated developers.


Don't take our word for it. Take a look at what our customers have to say.

“Skillsme is an excellent platform to hire talent. You can be sure that the people you hire from Skillsme are perfect match for the required skills. ”

Product Done (New Zealand)

“Skillsme is an exciting new platform that has great potential to change the recruitment of coders. Especially coders who are technically capable.”

Let's Funds (Thailand)
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