Maximize your recruitment process.

Find hidden talents from those failed your CV screening

Defining talents capability through their CV is very limited. With Skillsme, we can help you find hidden talents that failed your initial CV screening.

How does the CV Rediscovery Work?

Find hidden talents that have failed your CV screening.


Contact Skillsme

Contact Skillsme CV Rediscovery team by clicking the above link. A Skillsme rep will contact you within 12 hours.


Invite failed talents

Skillsme will provide you with a link to send to candidates who failed your initial CV screening to invite them to Skillsme.


Validate coders on Skillsme with feedback

Rediscover those candidates by seeing their skills and portfolios being endorsed by experienced coders.

Free of charge for joining Skillsme CV Rediscovery.

Make candidates rejection letter less negative

Rejection letters is one of the hardest emails that hiring managers will need to do as part of the recruitment process. Make it easier on candidates by giving them a chance to showcase their technical ability to find those hidden talents.

Bad CV doesn't mean bad coding skills.

Give coders who fail initial CV screening a second chance

On average, over 200 CVs would be filtered out during each successful recruitment process with some that get rejected being more suitable for the role. Skillsme is a stress-free platform that ensures you are not missing that hidden talent by giving coders a second chance.

See their coding skills on Skillsme without effort.

Understand your hidden talents easily with Skillsme Rating

On Skillsme, candidates can build portfolios based on various topics. Candidates will than post the portfolio on Skillsme to be reviewed by experienced coders and get validated in the form of ratings.

As an employer, you can view their ratings and easily understand and benchmark their capabilities in different aspects or with their overall ratings. Skillsme will give you a bigger picture on what they are capable of and how valuable they are with their technical ability.

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