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Programmers are getting direct endorsements on their skills straight from the industry. Using those, they are increasing in confidence and find it easier to stand out from the crowd.

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Than Applying Through CV.

Using your endorsed skills to seek jobs has shown a better outcome than CVs to our users. Your skillset is highlighted and employers can easily match what you can do to what they need.

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Claim the coding skills you want to prove.

Claim your coding languages

Claim the coding languages you know and what level you are currently at.

Claim your skills

Pick any framework, component, library, or skills you plan to use with the selected languages.

Claim Skills

Build a coding portfolio to support your claim.

You will receive an open question to build a portfolio within 48 hours which will be used as a resource to support your claims.

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Let the industry prove your claims base on your work.

Once your portfolio is published, your code will be viewed by the coder's community. And they will decide how accurate are your claims base on your portfolio with a Skillsme Rating.


Apply for jobs with your profile and your ratings.

All the skills you have claimed will be listed in your Skillsme profile with your ratings. You can apply for jobs with your endorsed skillset easily.

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“I really love Skillsme. I believe this product can bring much more new opportunities to new developers, and help them find their own way to get into the industry.”

Leon Zhou
Leon Zhou

Developer from NZ

“Skillsme really has strong passion on creating something new and valuable for coders. I'll be recommending it.”

Rick Luo
Rick Luo

Developer from China

“They are constantly improving their platform to ensure it matches what developers need. Would get my next job on Skillsme. ”

Lucas Gao
Lucas Gao

IT Student from NZ

“Skillsme is offering a handy way of landing a promising job. All you have to do is code in a language of your own choice, and build projects for these people.”

Arkadyuti Banerjee
Arkadyuti Banerjee

Developer from India

“Skillsme is a great tool to help developers like myself, bridge the gap between employee and employer. Highly recommend!”

Chris Kirby
Chris Kirby

Developer from UK

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We are not a recruitment agency! Skillsme is an open talent pool that all companies can access to and find the talent they needed. As long as you have a valid rating on Skillsme, you would have the chance to engage with any company which is looking for a suitable IT talent.

Good news! Getting validation from the top developers on Skillsme is totally free. You just need to post your portfolio to see what they think about your work.

The time may vary depending on your code quality, as our Judges would give opinion only base on their personal interest. But normally a portfolio can get validated within 3 days.

All users on our platform are anonymous, and no one can invite others to review their works or search for a certain portfolio. Your portfolios' rating will only be judge by the quality of the portfolio. Meanwhile, our pushing algorithm will ensure every portfolio has a fair chance to be visible to other Judges within our community.

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